Why was Navi Protocol created?

Navi Protocol was created to build delightful user experiences on the fledgling Sui DeFi ecosystem and take advantage of the desirable features of the Move VM.

Who is behind Navi Protocol?

The team behind Navi Protocol is a seasoned team of founders and builders from the blockchain development space with many collective years of experience building and running protocols across DeFi and Web3 infrastructure.

What are the risks associated with Navi Protocol?

The Navi team takes security very seriously and no code will be deployed without extensive reviews, testing, and audits. However there are risks inherent to participating in any Web3 DeFi platform, including:

  • Smart contract risk due to unforeseen bugs that are not caught by our stringent security policies.

  • Oracle risk due to oracle manipulation.

  • Blockchain risk. If the underlying blockchain is somehow compromised, Navi Protocol cannot protect user funds.

Navi Protocol is to be treated as a Beta product as with any DeFi platform, so do not invest more than you are willing to lose!

Where can I find more information about Navi?

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