Hackathon - Overflow NAVI Bounty


Developer Prizes

First prize - most calls to flash loan - $5000 in $NAVX

Second prize - 2nd most calls to flash loan - $3000 in $NAVX

Third prize - 3rd most calls to flash loan - $2000 in $NAVX

Your Impact: Design and deploy a meaningful and useful* flash loan bot that maximizes the utilization of NAVI's flash loan feature, leveraging the NAVI SDK. Together, your submissions will help test and refine a robust flash loan mechanism that offers users efficient access to capital for various DeFi activities while ensuring security and reliability.

*Meaningful and Useful Assessment Criteria

  1. Utility: The bot must provide tangible benefits to users and contribute to the overall growth and adoption of the NAVI ecosystem.

  2. Security: The bot's code should prioritize security practices and follow industry standards to protect users' funds and maintain the integrity of the NAVI ecosystem.

  3. Performance: The bot must demonstrate high performance and reliability during execution, with minimal latency and efficient use of resources.

  4. Alignment with NAVI Ecosystem: The bot's design and functionality should contribute to the growth and success of the NAVI ecosystem, encouraging adoption and fostering community engagement.


  1. A concise problem statement outlining the specific user needs or pain points addressed by the bot + demonstration of the bot's functionality and its impact

  2. A well-documented flash loan bot codebase that showcases the effective use of NAVI's flash loan feature and NAVI SDK.

  3. A detailed report outlining the bot's design choices, implementation process, and test cases to verify its performance and reliability.

Why Build Together with NAVI Protocol?

A Shared Vision for NAVI Flash Loan Innovation

Documentation: NAVI Flash Loan Developer Doc

Flash Loan Education Series: Thread

Summary benefits of flash loans for DeFi users:

  1. No need for collateral democratizes access

  2. More arbitrage opportunities enable higher capital efficiency

  3. Instant liquidity for participants improves overall

Thorough Documentation, Developer Tools, and Technical Support

Leverage NAVI SDK to seamlessly integrate NAVI and SUI data into your applications, which is backed by our full team support to ensure smooth implementation and optimization.

If you're a developer with a passion for innovation and a shared vision for the future, we want to work with you. Join us in expanding the utility of digital assets, proliferating seamless user experiences, and building the new era of digital finance.

Getting Started

Step 1: Join our dedicated developer channel, supported by our experienced technical leads

Step 2: Explore developer docs on integrating Flash Loans and data via the NAVI SDK

Step 3: Follow SUI Overflow Hackathon and NAVI guidelines to submit your project

About NAVI Protocol

NAVI is the first and most trusted Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on Sui. With over $180M in TVL and nearly 1M active users, it enables anyone to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers within the Sui Ecosystem.

The protocol's innovative features, such as Flash Loans, Automatic Leverage Vaults, and Isolation Mode, enable users to leverage their assets and access novel trading opportunities with minimized risks. NAVI's design provides support for digital assets at different risk levels, while its advanced security features ensure the protection of user funds and the mitigation of systemic risks.

NAVI’s innovation roadmap and tools are built by developers for developers. Core contributors of the protocol regularly sponsor and mentor feature-integration hackathons, product-led partnerships, and any aspiring builders in the move ecosystem.

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