We are cooperate with Notifi to help users better detect changes in their health factors.

The user clicks the "NOTIFI" button to set up notifications. Supports notifications through three channels: Email, Telegram, and Discord. After filling in the email address and telegram username, open the discord connection button and click “Next”, at this time, the wallet will pop up a signature request. Please click "Sign".

Now you can enter the main interface of notifications

Click the settings button in the upper left corner to enter the settings interface.

When setting up notification channels for the first time, you need to verify or bind them one by one.

  1. Email

  1. Telegram

  1. Discord

After successful verification or binding, you will be reminded of the current health factor dynamics according to the reminder parameters you set (if you do not take any action, we will send you a reminder message every 7 hours)

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