Supported Assets

One of the main selling points of our platform is the support for a variety of different assets that many traditional platforms won't support. Here, we outline what kind of assets we plan on allowing users to collateralise.

Blue Chip Assets

The platform supports lending and borrowing of the following assets:
  1. 1.
    USD Coin bridged from Eth mainnet through Wormhole(USDCet)
  2. 2.
    Tether USD bridged through Wormhole from ETH mainnet(USDTeth)
  3. 3.
    Sui Token (SUI)
  4. 4.
    wETH Wrapped Eth
  5. 5.
    Cetus Token
  6. 6.
    voloSUI (LST Token)
  7. 7.
    haSUI (LST Token)

Yield-Bearing Tokens

Yield-bearing tokens are tokens that have a value accrual mechanism. Examples of these are Liquid Staked Derivatives (e.g. $mSUI, $stETH, etc.), which accrue in value over time by earning staking fees, or automated Market Maker (AMM) LP Tokens, which accrue in value by capturing trading fees.
The main interest in providing yield-bearing assets as collateral is their relative price stability, as well their appreciation mechanics. This enables users to unlock different low-cost, high yield strategies such as hedging, looping, long, short, and more.

1. LP Tokens

Automated Market Maker platforms enable users to deposit tokens in liquidity pools, giving back users an LP token. Historically, if a user wanted to provide liquidity to an AMM, the user had no access to the liquidity in the LP token. However, NAVI protocol enable users to borrow against these LP tokens so users can access the liquidity locked in their LP token and come up with a variety of strategies like leveraged yield farming, hedged positions, or delta-neutral.

2. Liquid Staked Derivative Tokens

The platform will accept Liquid Staked Derivative tokens as collateral for borrowing. These tokens represent staked assets and can be used to obtain loans while still earning staking rewards, further increasing the capital efficiency of the DeFi ecosystem.

Long-tail and exotic asset support

Traditional money markets such as AAVE and Compound make it hard for long-tail and exotic assets to get listed on the platforms due to extensive liquidity thresholds in order to shield the protocol TVL. However, by introducing innovations such as Isolation Mode and a variety of granular risk management improvements such as Debt Ceilings, Supply Limits and Borrow Limits, these assets can be gradually added to the protocol without having an effect on its solvency risk.
This allows exotic and long-tail assets to participate in DeFi lending, which allows users to access the liquidity of these long-tail assets without the need to sell them.