Bug Bounty Program

NAVI Protocol is committed to maintaining a secure and reliable platform for all users. To enhance our security measures, we invite researchers and developers to participate in our Bug Bounty Program. This program offers rewards for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity, security, or functionality of the NAVI Protocol.


Tier 1: Ability to Extract the TVL of any pool: Up to 2, 000, 000 NAVX Tier 2: Ability to permanently deny access to the TVL of one or many pools: Up to 1,000,000 NAVX Tier 3: Ability to attack or manipulate decentralized oracles used by NAVI: Up to 500, 000 NAVX Tier 4: Website design or logic flaws, bugs or frontend attack: Up to 100, 000 NAVX

To Submit a Report

If you identify a vulnerability, please submit your report by emailing bounty@naviprotocol.io. Ensure your report includes detailed information about the vulnerability and steps to reproduce it.

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